Our Approach

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Function, Comfort, Details

At the Putney Upholstery Shop, it is our priority that your piece leave our shop functioning optimally, with a strong, supportive frame and foundation followed by layers of padding and cushioning that provide a truly comfortable seating experience. We also pay careful attention to the aesthetics of a piece – the shapes and curves, colors and textures, pleats, buttons and trimmings. Every detail matters.

Methods & Materials

Traditional upholstery methods and materials inform most of our work. We hand-sew springs at their base to burlap webbing, and hand-tie springs eight ways with Italian jute spring twine. We use a layer of muslin over cotton batting and under the final fabric to enhance a piece’s shape and to protect the fabric. We hand-sew edges rather than using metal fabric clips for a softer, cleaner finish. We use soy-based foam-rubber cushioning. We employ these methods not out of nostalgia, but because these are the best materials and methods we can find, and prove to be the best on our bodies as well.

We also take advantage of certain modern techniques and materials such as pneumatic stapling, which is gentler on a frame than a hammer and tacks. We use polyester batting and often recommend polyester “performance” fabrics for certain applications. The conscious blending of traditional practices and natural materials with selected modern advancements makes for beautiful, enduring results.

A Green Choice

The choice to reupholster a piece of furniture is innately an ecological one, giving old treasures new life and keeping them out of landfills. We are grateful to be in the business of recycling and restoration.

And, if natural upholstery materials are a top priority for you, we have additional green options where they are not already utilized – including wool batting and natural-fiber fabrics. Just ask