Our Team


Dana Renault

Founder and Head Upholsterer, Dana has eight years of upholstery experience. She studied upholstery at the Holyoke Creative Arts Center and at the Custom Home Furnishings Academy in North Carolina.  She apprenticed with local upholsterer Debbie Fisher and with traditional French upholsterer Marylinne Millet in Brittany, France.

She appreciates how each new project requires the same level of focus and attention to each detail as the one before, calling upon an ever-deepening skill set.

Dana lives with her husband and three sons in Putney.


Monica Horowitz

Monica graduated from Skidmore College in May 2018 where she studied art and literature. Since then she's been living in Putney, farming, teaching art, and working at the Putney Upholstery Shop. She loves to see a chair's personality shine true after an upholstery job well done!